The ultimate pitfall of online dating

That one feature keeping you addicted

Cactus Yordy
4 min readOct 4, 2020
Photo by Mathieu Le Roux on Unsplash

The old man looked admirably upon the young boy, as they strode the top deck of their fishing vessel. Silent in the glimmering sea, they paced to the bow as the sun rose an inch above the horizon. A sea of blue and red/gold, the old man’s well-worn wrinkles creased into a smile as he looked out and beyond the waves. The young boy stared up, saw the depths of his wisdom in a furrowed brow and tattered jacket. He was lucky to be aboard.

With the sail unfurled, the dawn winds cut across their cheeks and picked up their boat. They charted for deepwater, many miles offshore. The young boy would test his mettle today, the old man decided.

“You’ll take the lead today, lad.”

He nodded in approval, and the old man went back to his mug of coffee. He tried to remember how he acted when he was the boy’s age. Foggy memories flowed across his forebrain, moments of assured elation, and prolonged defeat. He was in for the long haul.

Their first line was in the water. Thin nylon descending down into the deepest of Sapphires.

“What’s your bait today, lad?” The old man wanted a careful explanation of choices.